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NOTE: Those marked with a + deserve special recognition.
A double-plus (++) means the song was seriously considered as a finalist.

The remainder of the Honorable Mentions are in no particular order.


+ + I. Watts/O. P. Martin • Ten Commandments

+ Dianna Stewart • Forever

+ Vivian Gendernalik • Hell Is Real

+ Daniel Vines • Jesus Our Lord

+ T. Tribble/R. Stoez/S. Lundell/K. Stickel • New

     Roads New Rivers

Connie Sauls Wilkins • Must Have Been Jesus

Jay Kennedy • Heaven's Paycheck

Daniel VInes • My Lord Holds On To Me

Daniel VInes • We'll Walk That Golden Strand

Daniel VInes • He's My Everything

Dianna Stewart • Scream

Jerry Westerman * Open The Doors

Democrito Manyissa • Let There Be Peace

Stephen Stroope • People Like Me

Amber N. Clark • My Butterfly

Sandi Kerr • Did He Ever Ask Why

Vivan Gendernalik • Brokenness, Weeping

   and Sackcloth

Vivan Gendernalik • Outlaw Pastors

Mikalene Ipson • Heaven Needed You More

D. B. Rielly • Moving Mountains

David Ian Hardwick • One Day

Hilton Severson • Oxygen

Hilton Severson • Found Again

James F. Purtell • If I Ever See You

Emina Dedic • Curbside

Andy Goggin • Jesus and the Man In The Moon

R. Parrish/T. King/E. Foschiatti • I Am Yours

Ashley Hewing • Float Like A Butterly

Nathan Fultz • Breaking Up Inside

Nathan Fultz • I'm Not Broken

Joey Lyon • All Time Low

Janet Carlos Striebel • Somebody's Angel

Janet Carlos Striebel • A Better Me

Janet Carlos Striebel • Always With Me

Jae Jin • Dance With Me

David Josef Hewing • God Is Love

Jim Laev • Sand Me Down

P. J. Hudson II • Who Am I

Curt Joa • In Joseph's Eyes



++ Glenn Valles • Long Gone

+ Lianne Fournier • Love Will Never Let You Down

+ F. Holm/A. Sandberg • Lost Souls

+ D. James/R. Bailey • The Auctioneer's Waltz

+ M. McGee/M. Paulson/A. Pontier • Longnecks,

      Rednecks and Good Old Country Boys

+ T. Kaszas/C. Eagerton • Country Hearts

+ J. Hoppe/A. Dooley • This Is Your Time

+ Amy Matthews • Hold Back

+ Jeremy Dion • Friday Night

+ Kent Gray • Somewhere In Texas Tonight

+ Ricki E. Bellos • No Shadows

+ Ricki E. Bellos • Plains Girl

+ S. Amos/B. Caster • You Can't Argue

     With The Moon

+ Rich Bonnin • You Ain't Left Me Yet

+ Emina Dedic • Our Small Town

+ A. Richardson/C. Ryle • Love Just Flashed

Ricki E. Bellos • Blue Bird

Mickey Bailey • The County Fair

Gone Marshall • Hyacinth

Kati Caliber • Leave The Light On

RIchelle Putnam • Uniform

Glenn Valles • Can't Let You Go

Glenn Valles • Urban Cowboy

A. Ammar/B. Kapac • Blue

Jeremy Dion • Evangeline

Teressa Hatfield • Sun On Snow

Einar Hanson • Biker Babe

T. Taylor/T. Bigatel • That Old Fence Row

Emina Dedic • On The Run

Martyy Groeneman • Big Oak Tree

T. Kaszas/C. Eagerton • Hold Me High

T. Kaszas/C. Eagerton • Backwoods Barnyard Dance

T. Kaszas/C. Eagerton • Would You Remember

Troy Kaszas • Spinning 'Round

Troy Kaszas • Every Way

Bob Kieffer • Circus Pony

Shannon Kozniuk • Something Real

J. Kennedy/J. Thonas • Small Change

Stephen Amos • Too Many Goodbyes

S. Amos/B. Caster • Buy Back The Farm

S. Amos/B. Ceynar • Just Enjoy The Ride

Stephen Amos • Obscurity Tennessee

Jim Laev • When I Walk My Dog

Jane Fallon • Let Go Of The Memories

Mark Shock • Far Away

Chris Pedersen • Taking Summer With Me

Charles Vadnais • All The Lovers Dance

L. E. Weiss/D. A. Gabrish • Bonfire

Hugh Finn • Banjo On My Back

D. Leathersich/J. Olivares • Last Night

Barrett Tagliarino • Reward Lost Heart

Tyler Griffith • Slip Away

Julie Broschard • Do Over

Gregory Johnson • Old School

Curt Joa • His Guitar In The Night

A. Goggin/N. Larsen • Watch Out Radio

L. Dawn Larsen • Not Unless I Say So

Mickey Bailey • Pity Party

David Kuncicky • Fire On The Mountain

K. Gray/L. Gray • That's What Daddies Do

Joshua Smith • Dancing By The Riverside

Eugene Richardson • Poor Man's Land

Randy Barb • Pictures On The Fridge

Randy Barb • Ragged Blue Blanket

Rodney Miller • I No Longer Have To Appear

     So Strong

Lorraine Toth • Merry Go Round Song

Katie Ferrara • When It Rains In LA

P. Burmham/C. Israel • Ain't Gonna Be Me

D. Holsinger/M. Taelour • One Hundred Sundays

James F. Purtell • Pulling Away

Richard Gathman • I'm Lost (But I'm Makin'

     Record Time)

Susan Bush • If You Wear Blinders


+ + Stephanie Atkins • Skinny Jean Bonfire

+ + Christie McCarthy • Walking In Nature

+ Andrea Corsaro • Over Here

+ Maria Kheyfets • Shimmering Stream

+ Louise D'Arcy • Hear That Sound

+ Jamie Ambrose • Song On A Corner

+ J. Maurin/C. Dumas • Draw The Light

+ Ian Pedersen • Time Moves On

+ Nathan Fultz • What Am I Supposed To Do

+ C. Lees/J. Roy • Demons Of My Own

+ Gone Marshall • Bad Guys

+ Constant Van Graan • Pelican State

+ L. Smith/C. Van Graan • The Crow

+ Rhys Williams • Ticket To Mars

+ David Ian Hardwich • Kaleidoscope Man

+ Ramita Arora • Roses

+ M. Hutto/T. DeArmitt • All That I Was Hoping

+ Sam Miller • Both Of Us Are Free

+ Kevin McAleenan • Comin' Home

+ J. Curtis/S. Perna • Soldier

+ Brent McCudden • Run To Waves

+ J. Kennedy/J. Thomas • One Night Stand

+ Alex Creamer • The Wallpaper Song

+ Brett Vogel • Fiery Sky

+ Lianne Fournier • Goodbye Hello

+ J. Cirello/J. Auch • Going Through The Motions

+ Gregory Johnson • If I Was A Dog

Bob Hillman • Shiny Silver

Andrea Corsaro • Where The Sky Was When

James F. Purtell • wiDon't Give Up

Curt Joa • Try A Little Harder

Simon Finn • Days With A Y

Simon Finn • Leave Me Tomorrow

Lizz Sooy • A Prayer

Ihor Wolosenko • Clack Their Bones

Ihor Wolosenko • Never Be Mine

Gregory Johnson • Summermood

Gregory Johnson • When My Baby Sings

Gregory Johnson • Sutherland Road

Gregory Johnson • Maybe Next Time

Gregory Johnson • Me And The Moon

Barrett Tagliarino • Simple Charlie

Robert Reris • She Goes

Robert Reris • So Much Love

L. Schweizer/B. Lienhard/J. Freeman • The Miracle

B. Lienhard/L. Schweizer • Other People

Megan Sola-Guinto • Dear God

D. Holsinger/D. Burger • Leap Of Faith

Martin Harris • I Put It All Down To You

Fergal O'Hanlon • Kissin' In A Taxi

Martin Leftly • Hotel Outta Space

N. Poncin/A. Bruecken/M. Preson/T. Gallegos/

     N. Dahlman for:

All I Knew, Don't Look Now, Collapse, Dogs,

Five, Living In A Dream and Hideaway

Kathyjo Varco • Vapor

Daniel Ruffing • Rise

Peter Rice • Living A Lie

Mossmunn • Lady Wears A Tiara

J. Edna Mae • Cushions By The Fire

Janne Syväniemi • One

Janne Syväniemi • Magic Mirror

David Halperin • New England In My Heart

A. Barrett/K. Barrett • When The Sun Goes Down

Doug King • Lonesome Highway

Oscar Somersalo • So In Love

Oscar Somersalo • Only One

Bryan Joseph • Your Eyes

Christie McCarthy • Big Umbrella

Lunso Sha • Right Or Wrong

T. Taylor/T. Bigatel • Wild Child

T. Taylor/T. Bigatel • Stay Tough, But Humble

Madhu Pinto • Ten Years

Jesse Powers • Alex's Song

Jesse Powers • Goddess

Jesse Powers • Beat Of Your Drum

James Kearney • Beautiful Skies

George Lindsay • Mystery Man

George Lindsay • Book Of Rhyme

Sean Layer • Lovin' You

Bob Kieffer • Bootprints

Sera Bullis • Homebase

Justin Seagrave • The Old Oak

Justin Seagrave • All The Creeping Things

Justin Seagrave • Between Lives

Morgan Orion Reisman • Genevieve

Ian Roland • The Valley

M. Hambly/L. Valatiadis • Weren't Looking For

Cristina Berting • Merit

O. Burgess/R. Bates • Without You

Eric Silver • Without Like what's Love

Eric Silver • The Marksman's Son

Erik Berglund • Childish and Blue

Cleo Lynx • Meet Me In The Middle

Jimmy Yessian • Uncle Remus Tales

J. Yessian/B. White • That Was Gonna Be Us

Amy Matthews • The Cost

Craig Owen • Somebody's Hero

Michel Goguen • WIldfire

L. Schweizer/C. Day/B. Lienhard • Pandora's


Jana Pochop • As Long As It Feels Right

Jana Pochop • Money & Heart

J. Cirello/J. Auch • Middle Of Us

Sam Miller • What's In A Friend

Sam Miller • The Teacher's Ballad

Aria Braswell • You.

Angela Sclafani • The Train

Heather Bartman • Storm CLouds

Bill Hamel • Matecumbe Key

Bill Hamel • Circle Of One

Tobias The Owl • Let Go

Tobias The Owl • All The Way Home

Zama Rripa • Forever Sung

Brent McCudden • The Long Lost Winter

Chloe Alviar • Goodbye Lullaby

Susan Bush • Don't Forget

N. Paris/S. Philyaw/J-P. Williams/P. Heathcote •      Deep

Elizabeth Kelley • Stronger Than You

Lianne Fournier • The Right Way

Dam Stasi • Yesterday

Teddy Williams • I Understand

Chris Pedersen • Get Your Summertime On

B. Lienhard/L. Schweizer • The End Of The Band

M. Hambly/L. Valatiadis • 'Til I Find A Me To Defend

Michael Gray • Bring You Down

Stephen Mahar • Take You Home

Dysfunkshumal • You, Me And The Road

Ken Widis • Arubia

G. Martin/A. Tsao • According To

Glenn Valles • You Already Own

Barefoot McCoy • Ballyhoo


+ + Brett Vogel • Superwoman Sway

+ + Simon Finn • Just Another Breakup Song

+ + S. Greenland/S. Finn • Blame Me For Everything

+ + D. C. Kaemmer • L. O. B. T.

+ Elsie and The Vibe • Riverside

+ Trey McLaughlin • Stay

+ Julie Ludgate • Ho Ho Ho It's Christmas

+ D. Anderson/G. Gallucci/P. DiLecce • Little

     More Love

+ Angela Sclafani • Your Ghost

+ K. Knoester/L. Hempel • Purge

+ T. Taylor/K. Taylor/T. Bigatel • Bright Blue Eyes

+ H. Longstaffe/A. Chaturvedi/Flo • Butterfly

+ J. Sakamoto/B. Cooper • To The Dreams That

     I've Killed

+ Abby Lane Black • Strong

+ Jae Jin • 11:11

+ Ilya Sinaisky • Illusion of Love

+ Natalie Fabian • The Idea

+ Glenn Valles • 1-4-3

+ Rhys Williams • Stay WIth Me

+ John Dalessandro • Mrs. Greenfield

+ Katie Ferrara • Ocean Eyes

+ Sera Bullis • Once In A Lifetime

+ Camille Bessey • Boxes

Simon Finn • Salty

Julie Ludgate • Blank Pages

JoJo Tong • Too Hard To Say Goodbye

Suzanne Sami • One More Night

Suzanne Sami • One More Night

Bafsky • Put Me On Top

Bafsky • Energy

Megan Kay • Catwalk

M. G. Duke/B. Willard • Tear It Up

JaJaTong • Here I Am

JaJa Tong • Mean Forever

Peter Rice • Race To The Heart

S. Greenland/S. Finn • Everybody's Invited

S. Greenland/S. Finn • Keep Talking

Jacob Seeger • Something Real

Somaya Gupta • How It Ended

O. Burgess/R. Bates • A Little More Love

Joseph Cirello • Guilty

Joseph Cirello • Afterglow

Mama Mac • BFF

Jen Baron • Tidal

L. Castro/J. Nigoche • Baby Don't Cry

Susan Bush • Turn Around

Tartie • Missing Hearts

Aida Brandes • Not A Game

Heavy Kollider • Just Dance

N. Francisco/D. de Leon • Pause

Miira Valve • Forever Alive

Miira Valve • Don't Think

Daniel Vines • Lenny The Lion From Africa

Daniel Vines • Leaping Lou The Kangaroo

Magdalena Air • Big World, Big City

Thomas Fay • Put It Into Motion

C. Sahlin/M. Moore/D. Gussin • World Falls Away

Natalia Bonfini • Before

Mark Reilly • Wasted

Ilya Sinaisky • Get Up

Jana Pochop • You Lit Me

Ricki E. Bellos • Lost Girl

John Campbell • Picture Perfect

Austieja • 1.TAS

Sera Bullis • Dancing In The Rain

Ann Ammar • Don't Try To Stop Me

Jonathan Maurin • In My Mind

Jonathan Maurin • Reaching Out To You

John Dalessandro • Solitaire

Katy Tunbridge • Not A Lot To Say

Chloe Alviar • Mr. Right

Trey McLaughlin • Best Of Days

Oscar Hernandez • Forever

Ariel Perez • Getaway

Angela Sclafani • November Hymn

G. A. Verdi/B. Verdi • Count On Me

Camille Bessey • Distraction

Cybele Fasquelle • Psycho

Cybele Fasquelle • Proclamation

D. C. Kaemmer • Accidental Brilliance

Andrea Bilawich • Wash Away

Britta • Fighting For You

Mossmunn • Forever Child

M. Leftly/M. A. Lieken • Dancing In The Shower

J. Hoppe/V. Selwyn • Live The Dream

Jules Rusli • FantabulouZ



Nathan Fultz • Take Your Cold Heart

Nathan Fultz • Breaking Up Inside

Leyla Guzman • Gone Gone Gone

Leyla Guzman • Heavy Load

Leyla Guzman • Jesus Died

Zama Rripa • Live And Let Live

River Lynch • Straight Through

Emina Dedic • They Opened Fire

Dam Stasi • Ups 'n Downs

Mossmunn • Solar Road

Mossmunn • Bipolar Paula

Mossmunn • Remotely Yours

Mossmunn • Systematic Age Rewinder

Carmelita Lees • Abandon

Dan Friedman • Mars

Joseph Michael Goodwin • Jackie+Joanie
     (The Bagman)

Jim Derrigan • Industrial Town

M. Roy/M. Larrabee • Renegade Destroyer

Oscar Andres Hernandez-Sanchez • Innocence

Ihor Wolosenko • Wicked Beast

Stephen Mahar • Supergirl



+ + Vicki Vietzke-Logan • n The Beginning There

     Was Darkness

+ Shota Yamamoto • Between Two Stars

Jessica Wedden • One More Time

Josef Patchen • Passage Outward

Brent King • Lazy Evening Stroll

M. Retief/L. J. Bouwer • Circus

M. Retief/L. J. Bouwer • That Girl

M. Retief/L. J. Bouwer • Drive

Enrique Ponce • Alter Ego

J. Maurin/D. Charrier • Handpanophone

J. P. Williams/N. Paris • I'm Here Now

Alexander Stevens • Love Come Down

Shota Yamamoto • Labyrinth

Shota Yamamoto • Cold Predawn Mist

Shota Yamamoto • Pretty Little Kettle

Darren Michael Boyd • This Song Won't Get

     Played On The Radio

Mark Hutto • Least of These

Mark Hutto • That's When I Knew

Chihiro Nishi • Blue

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