NOTE: + = Deserves special recognition

A double-plus (++) means the song was seriously considered as a finalist.

Your name may be mentioned in multiple places; it’s probably easiest just to do a page search for your name or song title.


++ Amalie Skriver • Ubeda

B. Lawson/J. S. Leavitt • Holding Me Still

Andy Goggin • Waterfall

James Kelso • Mover of Mountains

JClay • Let Go

+ Vivian Gendernalik • Sons of Perdition

+ Vivian Gendernalik • Are You Ready

+ Magdelena Air • You’ll Never Stop

+ Rami O'Brien • Ima Fighter

+ Denis Hackett • Kingdom

+ Glenn Valles • Thank You Lord

+ N. Paris/J. Jones • I Know

+ Mikey Hamptons • Better Than Magic

+ Brian Lawson • Rest For The Guilty

+ S. Turner/J. Turner • God Only Knows

Adam Avery • If ISang Hallelujah

Amanda Statzer • Invisible Tears

Anna Nuzzo • Hope Of The Hopeless

Bea J. Bradley • We Cry Holy

Bob Barco • All In A Day

Brian Lawson • A Little Bit

Brian Lawson • Hell Is Real

Bryan J. Emerson • Snow Fall Gentle

Chris Fox • Revelation

Chris Fox • The Holy Spirit

Claudia Hirschfeld • My Lord Jesus

Daniel VInes • He’s In The Boat

Dino Ascari • Even Greater Things

Edward Tonini • For All Who Serve

J. Kennedy/V. Kennedy • Golden Rule

James Kelso • Hear My Hallelujah

Jami Rodger • Love Gone Wrong

L. McCoy/M. Vestel • Hopelifter

Larry Craig • He Cares

Larry Craig • Jesus Is The Answer

Larry Craig • No Greater Love

Mikey Hamptons • God’s Eyes

Mikey Hamptons • Servant Of The Great King

Mikey Hamptons • Still

Mikey Hamptons • The Hiddenness of God

Paul Stewart • Fallen

Paul Stewart • Solomon’s Mine

R. Young/N. Arce • Miracles Happen

Raven James • Pray For Love

Rick Stephenson • Savior God

Rick Stephenson • You Are The Same

Simon Clothier • All That I Need

Spencer Kelly • All By Grace Of God’s Own Hand

T. Taylor/T. Bigatel • God Bless The Perilous Waters

Vivian Gendernalik • Evil Generation Seeking Signs

Vivian Gendernalik • Stubborn Oh Man


++ D. Leathersich/J. Goolesby/J. Olivares • The Lucky One

++ Sam Jones • Fog In February

++ J. Hoppe/J. Nix/L. Murrell • Trust

+ Candice Long • Stay Wild

+ Eric Blossman • Bad Choices

+ D. Golden/J. Weber • Small, Small Town

+ J. Hoppe/K. McKay/P. Newman + One Shot

+ D. James/R. Bailey • The Auctioneer's Waltz

+ D. James/D. Sanders • Yellow Brick Road

+ Raven James • Higher & Hotter

+ Michael Encarnacion • Empty Nest

+ Kim Moberg • Angels Fly

+ A. Avery/C. Ulanoff • Doing That

+ Joel Bennett • Do Something With Your Life

+ K. Daniels/G. Mancuso • We Still Harmonize

+ Bobby Cole • Shutdown City

+ S. Amos/B. Caster • Since I Don't Know When

+ Stephen Amos • My Kind of Chaos

+ R. E. Bellos/J. Purtell • Real Good Time

+ Jeffrey Johnson • I Never Speak Your Name

+ Jeffrey Johnson • Why Should I Listen To You

+ Louis F. Cate • Windmill Bar & Grill

A. Goggin/M.Bech • Jessica Cried

B. Milcarek/J. Eustice • Bikinis, Boats and Beer

Bob Davoli • Even Though Autumn's In Your Eyes

Bob Davoli • Romancing The Ruins

Bob Davoli • Transistor Radio and Me

Bobby Cole • Unleaded

Brandon Greer • Ask Me If I'm Better Off

Chase Brady • No Way To Stop The Rain

Cliff Thigpen • Still Cold In Carolina

D. I. Hardwick/Nekanemusic • Kiss Me In The Kitchen

D. James/R. Silverlight • Heaven Help Both Of Us

David K. Chong • We're All Dead Anyway

Glenn Valles • In Disguise

Glenn Valles • Story Of My Life

Gregory Johnson • Carolina Moon

Hank Quillen • Where I'm From

J. Yessian/J. Zeitlin • For The Rest Of Our Love

James Mathews • Texas On My Mind

Jay Kennedy • Heaven's Paycheck

Jeffrey Johnson • What Good?

Jeremy Doss • I'll Be Home Soon

Jon Davis • Mirrors

K. Daniels/G. Mancuso • The Sweetest Song I Never Wrote

K. Daniels/R. Davis • Summer Love

Katie Hardyman • Perhaps

Ken Moldow • Backyard Memory

Kim Jo Green • Natural Disaster

L. Scott Larsen • 37,000 Feet (America)

Lily Stockwell • Hey Girl

Lily Stockwell • I'm Not Sorry

Martin Dean Groeneman • Chasing Sunshine

Michelle Robison • Come Up For Air

Mitchel Young Evans • Cat Fiddle Riddle

P. Mulroy/A. Hannigan • Tequila Bottle

R. E. Bellos/A. Kemp • Dream Boy

Ricki E. Bellos • Frozen Heart

Rebecca Bauman • Another Day To Shine

Rebecca Bauman • My Friend Up On The Shelf

S. Amos/B. Caster • Buy Back The Farm

S. Amos/B. Caster • You Can't Argue With The Moon

S. Amos/J. Riff • Once I'm Over You

Stephen Amos • Going Under

Stephen Amos • Jesus In Her Eyes

Stephen Amos • The Path You Choose

Stephen Amos • Too Many Goodbyes

Sam Jones • Broken Sky

Sam Jones • Note To Self

Shaun Catling • Lone Dove

Spencer Kelly • How Could A Boy Go Wrong

Spencer Kelly • Kiss You

Spencer Kelly • Love You Make

Spencer Kelly • Six-String Drifter

S. Kelly/T. Hogan • Goodbye Never Felt So Good

T. Taylor/T. Bigatel • It's More Than Missing You


++ Psyberfairy • All That Light

++ Justina Shandler • Stamina

++ Kenny Hayes. • Shower You Off Me

++ C. Millikin/W. Milllikin • All These Things

++ Jon Davis • You Will Be Loved

++ Jon Davis • Easy

++ Elizabeth Cuite • Last A Lifetime

++ Bill Dake • I Know

Bill Dake • Motivator

Jessica Gordon • Where We Are

;ouis F. Cate • Who’ll Break Your Fall?

Ayla Alysson Burk • Falling Apart

Madi Earl • Crazy

CHris Waters • Blurry

J. Dorris/B. Blount/ D. Sahin • World’s Best

S. Turner/L. Farry • Hoochiemamma

Åsa Sanberg • My Best Mistake

P. F. Santovito/C. Price • Beat Of My Heart

Natalie Theodore • Rainy Day Sundays

M. Campana/M. Roberts • Bowie

Bobby Cole • Beyond Love

Annie Scherer • After Rain

Magdalena Air • Let Me Go

Natalie Theodore • FOMO

C. Lees/B. Williams • Desire

M. Earl/D. Turley • Desire

M. Earl/D. Turley • Time After Time

Bob Barca • Back In Step

M. Earl/D. Turley • Desire

Jessica Gordon • Loud Enough

Brad Petryczkowycz • Pull The Stitches

JClay • I Like You That Way

Glenn Valles • Victory

Glenn Valles • Stay Afloat

Jonathon Mount • Prisoner

S. Turner/L. Farry • Can’t Get Enough

Jonathon Mount • Prisoner

Jessica Gordon • The Way

M. Sprouse/D. R. Gerreira • Time Can Be

Aili Geneva Desai • Loud

Akira AK • I Too Shall Be Saved By Love

Andy Goggin • Watch Out

Annie Scherer • Kaleidoscope

Annie Scherer • Roses and Lies

Barrie Kreinik • Unlearning

C. Millikin/W. Millikin • So Good

Camille Bessey • Too Far Gone

Chris Fox • Never

Christopher R. Sapp • Will Myself To Sleep

G. Mann/F. Rankin • Break Up (In The Summer)

Gabriel Oh • Wait

Gregory Johnson • Shine

Gregory Johnson • Talk To Me

Harmony Redford • Reset

James Velasco • Further

Jenn McMillani • She’s Me

Jon Davis • Goodbye

Jon Davis • They Can’t Defeat Us All

Jonathon Mount • League

Jonathon Mount • Love Letter

Kai Senviel • Fall

Linda Mallé • The Man

Madi Earl • U And Me

M. Earl/P. Moi • Good Luck

M. Mayo/M. Summers/D. Manyissa • Stone Cold Lover

M. Sprouse/D. R. Ferreira • Firefly Kisses

M. Sprouse/D. R. Ferreira • Purr

M. Sprouse/D. R. Ferreira • Searching For Destiny

M. Thomas/E. Johnson • Sweet Nothings

Mary Segato • This Is Life

Natalie Jean • I Told You No

PENNER • Wish I Could Float Away

R. Fortino/J. Fortino/R. Harrison • Lips

Ramez Iskander • At The Gate

Robert Gibson • Ready For Tonight


++ Janne Syväniemi • The Groundhog Day

++ Mossmunn • Catch 2020

Jeffrey Johnson • Stone Cold

Mikey Hamptons • Magic In Your Mind

R. Kielty/N. Arkwright • Summertown

Mossmunn • Standing Stones

+ Cory Phillips • Good Time

James Piper • Somewhere In The Middle

+ Buffalo Bob • Middle Eastern Blues

Alex Christensen • Set Me Straight

Andy Goggin • You Pollute My Day

Blake Benway • A Thought (One Of Toxic Nature)

Bobby Cole • Fortnightmare

Buffalo Bob • Holding Fast

Buffalo Bob • Mr. Citizen

C. Lees/B. Williams • Night Train

C. Lees/J. Shipstone • Bring The Night On

C. Turton/R. Weddikkara/A. Pettigrew/S. Ayrault • Bitch

Can't Get It Right

D. Pasciolla/A. Pasciolla • Dive Bars

Derek Lichtner • Morning Air

James Piper • This Is The Day

Jami Rodger • The End Of Teenage Bullies

Jeremy Jost • Monster

John O'Sullivan • Morning Star

L. Ash/R. Woods • Starling

Larry Oshbour • I Can't Live Without You

Leyla Guzman • Defiant

Leyla Guzman • Rotten Liver

Lottie Corley • My Mistake

Louis Nevins • Slow Burn

Matt Michaelis • Intergalactic

Mike Hyden • Theresa Smile

Milton Hilton • Mary Jane

Mossmunn • Black Narcissus

Mossmunn • Gaslighting

O. Estrada/A. Lezcano • I Love Beer

Paul Vernet • Remedy

R. Fortino/J.Fortino • Jack

Ric Collier • Bad Dream

Skender Beck • Stop

T. Taylor/T. Bigatel • Don't Fall Asleep

Trevor Coleman • To This Day


++ Leonid Ostrovsky • Samsara Waltz

++ Don Tocabajo • Let Me Touch You

++ Malte Vief • Aliquot

Chihiro Nishi • Blue

Reetroo • Big Apple Shake

Reetroo • Dropping Jelly

Kota Fukuda • Sunset Road

Katy Tunbridge • These Days

Leonid Ostrovsky • Opus In B Minor

Chihiro Nishi • You And Me

B. J. Geil/E. Moody • A New Beginning

Ben Jonson Geil • Mestizo

Chihiro Nishi • Eternal Wind

Chihiro Nishi • To The Lightship

Claudia Hirschfeld • Contrasts

Daniel Snowball • Running Down Hills

Darren Michael Boyd • The Earth Is B Flat

Darren Michael Boyd • Was It Something I Said?

Jack Paris Williams • Singularity

Jon Roger Lalanne • Little Baby Cowboy

Kota Fukuda • Midnight Train

Kota Fukuda • Mist In Blue

Kota Fukuda • Seaside Route

M. Thomas/E. Johnson • Fragmented Pride

Malte Vief • Auseinandersetzung

Matthew Miller • Cruising Along

Matthew Miller • Happily Reflecting

Matthew Miller • Up And At 'Em

Nicholas Bridgman • Grounding

Open Strum • Wolves

Paul Colombino • Hello Old Friend

Reetroo • DejaVu

Tyler Loo • Just For You


++ B. Dake/A. B. Garner • Maybe

++ D. Cichon/N. Stone • Ten Black Crows

++ J. Cirell/J. Auch • This Manicured Life

++ C. Lees/Sven Tydeman • Bruised Roses

++ Matthew Bell • Lose Myself To You

++ +Peter Olsen • Daydream

++ N. Rizzuto/A. Kinane • Henry

++ Oriyah Miller • Something Like Fire

++ Naomi Li • Heartbeat

++ Jessica Gordon • Blood and Bone

++ Natalie Theodore • FOMO

Bill Dake • Had My Fill

Bill Dake • Huntin' In The Dark

Elisabeth Roberts • Kenmare Bay

Carmelita Lees • Is It Time

Eliza Lieberman • Caroline

BRYNNE • Fingers Crossed

L. Rai/P. McEleney • Memory

Michael Dubuque • Curves To Cope

Jeannine Higgins • She's Nobody (Emily's Song)

Phil Mitten • Surfing The Net

D. Cook/R. Debattista • Unblemished

Claire Skulley • My Mind Is Broken

Chris D'Agostino • Social Tremors

Diane Coffman • Hey Babe I'm Done

Anson Jones • July

Janne Syväniemi • Everybody Needs Time To Heal

C. Criado/L. Langley/J. Wright • Butterfly (I Don't Debate)

Jenny LaJoye • Feast

Andrea Corsaro • Wheelhouse

Louis Nevins • On Your Birthday

Henry Luca • Please, Wake Me Up

Aria Rayes • The Girl You Call Best Friend

Ant Henson • A World Outside

Phil Mitten • Old Friend

Brad Petryczkowycz • How To Be Alone

Arielle Levy • Wake Up

Katie Hardyman • Always By Your Side

S. McNeill/J. Smith • Between The Lines

Jimmy Yessian • Song For My Dad

T. Powers/D. Powers • Graveyard

Kailey Prior • {aper Thin

C. Lees/B. Williams • Solely Responsible

Jim Purtell • Falling In Love

Liesl Ahlers • Before

Tanya Taylor • Something Left To Give

Jenny LaJoye • Before I Know What Hits Me

John Ross • Runaway

Louis Nevins • Super Sincere

Chris D'Agostino • Grey Horizon

A. Goggin/A. Bjergfeldt • Something Devine

Kailey Prior • Sleepwalker

C. Lees/J. Shipstone • Arms Of Deceit

Blake Benway • Not Alone

Andrew Levin • If I Died Today

Anson Jones • Cigarettes and Beethoven

Hal Dickens • Come To Me, My Someone

J. Cirello/J. Auch • Silhouette

Brad Petryczkowycz • Default Setting

Gregory Johnson • Imaginary Dance

Janne Syväniemi • Awakening

Natalie Wees • Who You Were

MichaelFlynn • Survive With Me

Dylan Reed Leavitt • If It's Not Enough

Natalie Theodore • Madness

Sam Jones • Distance

Andy Goggins • Beyond This Point Thfere Are Dragons

Louis Nevins • Nothing To Me

A. Goggin/M. Gry Nielsen • My Chemical Distortion

A. Goggin/N. Larsen • San Francisco Bay

A. Romero/ J. Cruz • Once More

A. Romero/P. Atienza • Not Too Late

A. Romero/R. Galang • Until Then

AJ Kross • Picture Of Heaven

Alex Creamer • Let It Breathe

Andrew Levin • Gratitude

Andy Goggin • Empty Room

Andy Goggin • Good To Be Alive Day

Angela Randion • Jewels

Angela Randion • With All My Heart

Anna Pilar • Modern Lullabies

Anson Jones • King Of The Tides

Arielle Levy • Little Princess

Arielle Levy • Our Bones

Arielle Levy • Splintered

Åsa Sandberg • The Right Side Of OK

Bernhard Kanduth • Renee's Lullaby

Bob Kieffer • Choices

Bob Love • Enjoy It While You Can

Bobby Cole • Find You

Brad Petryczkowycz • Listen To The Tears

Brad Petryczkowycz • Smiling Through Your Suncreen

Brian Lawson • Take This Mask Off

C. Black/J. Hoiem • Henrietta

C. Lees/J. Shipstone • Jambo

C. Lees/J. Shipstone • Leaving

C. Lees/J. Shipstone • Words I Cannot Speak

Calum Hammon • I'd Be There For You Always

Calum Hammond • When You Open Your Eyes

Chris Brocklesby • Hey Pinocchio

ChrisBrocklesby • In Justice's Name

Chris Brocklesby • Little Ones

Chris Brocklesby • Songbook

Cory Phillips • Call Me Your Fool

Cynthia Brando • Watch The Flow

D. I. Hardwick/Nekanemusic • Awesome and Some

D. Snowball/B. Botfield • Your Time Is Now

Daniel Fox • How Can I Love You?

Denis Hackett • Golden Days

Dylan Reed Leavitt • One Way Or Another

Elana Harte • All The Love In The World

Elizabeth Cuite • Dream On

Elizabeth Cuite • What I Know

Freddy Brewer • Losing You

Freddy Brewer • The Girl In The File

Girlie Vasallo • Chapter Two

Girlie Vasallo • Never Take For Granted

Glenn Valles • Christmas In My Soul

Greg Galavotti • Don't Try Too Hard

Gregory Johnson • Rainin' So Hard

Gregory Johnson • Same Old Song

Gregory Johnson • The Moon Just Seems To Know

H. Platzoeder/A. Platzoeder • What We Are

J.Cirello/J. Auch • Hello Insecurity

J. Cirello/PJ Ju • Let Love Lead The Way

J. David/L. Serva • That's Love

J. Kennedy/V. Kennedy • Nightstand

J. Wilkinson/D. Barrozo • Soar

James Mathews • I, Man

Janet Preus • Something Missing

Janne Syväniemi • The Lairs Of Lonely Souls

Jeannine Higgins • Unbroken

Jeffrey Johnson • A Heart Can Fall In Love

Jeffrey Johnson • Can't We

Jessica Gordon • Lifeline

Jessica Smucker • The Sea

Jimmy Yessian • Uncle Remus Tales

John Ross • Going Away

Jordanna Banks • Don't You Know

Julie Ludgate • Firestorm

K. Hamilton/A. Futterer/W. Lynch • Medicine Line

K. Hamilton/A. Futterer/W. Lynch • Plastic Folding Chairs

Kelli Caldwell • Don't You Worry About The Fall

Kelly Marie Kissel • Magnify

Khemist • Upright

Kim Moberg • Angels Fly

Kim Moberg • Here Be Dragons

Louis F. Cate • Parking Cars On Mars

Louis Nevins • Beautiful Dreamer

Luc Brisson • Don't Walk Away (From Your Heart)

Madi Earl • 4AM

Mark Hutto • Girl

Masaaki Saji • When The Eclipse Is Over

Matt Fitzgibbons • Angels In White

Michael Flynn • Easy To Love

Michael Flynn • Saluda

Michelle Robison • Lady With The Lamp

Mike Hyden • Bounce

Mikey Hamptons • Rise And Carry On

Mossmunn • Timeline

Mummy Mandell • The Key Of Me

Natalie Wees • Imposter

Natalie Wees • The One

Ndidi Morton • Just A Girl

O. Estrada/A. Lezcano • I Don't Know You

P. Bongiovanni/K. Nicosia • Say It

Pete Erlandsen • The Witness

Pete Mac • Disappear

Peter Arnett • The One

Peter Arnett • Too Long Without A Love

Peter Cleary • Someday

Phil Mitten • Last Orders At The Bar

R. Kielty/C. Ovenden • Midnight Show

R. Miller/K. Miller • Blind Girl's Circus

Rammita Arora • Yesterday

Rebecca Bauman • We Live Forever In The Ocean Waves

Reg Kielty • The Mystery Of The Great Heart's Wandering

Riaz Ahmad • Pray To God

Rickey Lee Stone • Please Please

Ricki E. Bellos • On The Edge

Robert Quigley • Give Me Rain

Robert Quigley • Let Me Hold You

Ronnie Carrier • Reap What You Sow

S. Turner/J. Turner • Gold & Green

Sam Jones • Move It On Down The Road

Sam Jones • This World Is Yours (For the Taking)

Sam Miller • Fall Into Her

Sam Miller • It Doesn't Stop Here

Soundcheq • Don't Get It

T. Taylor/T. Bigatel • Home

Will Barrett Nordstrom • There Goes The Sun