NOTE: + = Deserves special recognition

A double-plus (++) means the song was seriously considered as a finalist.

Your name may be mentioned in multiple places; it’s probably easiest just to do a page search for your name or song title.


++ Felicia Blake • Here’s My Heart

++ Jeffrey Scott Leavitt • Beautiful Scars

++ Russ Parrish • Medicine

++ R. Parrish/S. Stankiewicz/B. Boliver/E. Echevarria • Never Let Me Go

++ Rich Thomas Copeland • God Who Sees Me (An Honest Psalm)

O. Caban/S. Hart • Let Justice Roll

Vivian Gendernalik • Hyper Grace

Vivian Gendernalik • Preserve The Word

A. Mack/A. Mack • Treelight

Mikey Hampton • God's Eyes

Gregory Johnson • Tomorrow Afternoon

C. Hendricks/J. Kinsey • I Found Grace

Larry Craig • The Answer

Kaitlin Webster-Zuber • Angel

R. Young/N. Arce • Revival Is Coming

A. Mack/A. Mack • Weatherman

A. Mack/A. Mack • Space Extravaganza

Justice Baoerjin • I Thank The Lord

Shereese Oyetunji • Service 2 the Lord

Jeffrey Scott Leavitt • Answer The Call

Jeffrey Scott Leavitt • Tenacious Love

Jeffrey Scott Leavitt • Your Promise Carries Me

Jeffrey Scott Leavitt • Sell It All

A. M. Ramos/D. Puleo • Simeon’s Song

Cynthia Gross • By Your Side

Steve Matthews • Thank You, My Friend

Aman • Deliver Me

Tanya Taylor • Wondering

Lyla Digrazia • Perfect

Lyla Digrazia • Separate Ways

Danford Mashayamombe • On My Own (I Never Would Have Made It)

Jeffrey Lowmaster • The Only Way

Daniel Vines • Christ Arose Victorious!

D. Ascari/D. Ascari • You Are The One I've Waited For

N. Paris/M.Tsvetkova • In This Song

Samuel Harsin • Those Hands

Larry Craig • He Cares

Vivian Gendernalik • Antinomianism

Michelle Robison • The Brightest Star

Will Kern • Oh Saint Paul

Ian Tschirhart • He's Jesus

Kalea Appel • This Side of Heaven

Keith Bahrke • Salvation Now

Jay Hoelscher • A Different Drummer

Rich Thomas Copeland • Do You Know Him

Lynn Lee Allison • Reflection of the Light


++ Stephen Amos • Here to Stay

++ R. Otting/J. Smyers • Unknown Soldier

++ Bob Davoli • Transistor Radio and Me

+ Tommy Niemann • Goodbye to Me

+ Zack Hooper • As Long As I'm With You

+ Michael Anzilotti • 120-Pound Woman

+ Scotty Orme • Cowboy's Ghost

+ Scotty Orme • No Screen In Between

+ B. Cox/M. Dodson/M. Nesler • Mercy For The Breaking

+ R. Parrish/H. Dorothy/R. Smithline • Over & Over

+ P. Burnham/C. Israel • Sunday Morning Smile

+ S. Spivey/P. Scholten • The Truck Stops Here

+ J. Raider/N. Seddon • It's Getting Pretty Old

+ Glenn Valles • Ties That Bind

+ Sonya Heller • I Can Love You For Today

+ Shaun Catling • Sing To Me

+ Gregory Johnson • Butterfly In The Rain

+ The Dribblers • Whale Of A Time

+ Stephen Amos • Hold On With Both Hearts

Adam Avery • The Languishing

Charles Krim • Wake the Giant

Sharon Spivey • Enough Ain't Enough

S. Spivey/M. James • The US Stands For Us

Glenn Valles • One Last Try

Glenn Valles • The Secret

Glenn Valles • The Ride

Dan Kwas • The Tenacity Song (I'm Just Not Quite Ready To Give Up)

Curt Joa • Best You're Gonna Do

Curt Joa • I Can Still Love You

R. Williams/K. Gregory • Incredible

D. King/K. King • Crazy Fussin'

D. King/K. King • Baby I'm Lovin' You

Doug King • Life

Doug King • Suds

James Velasco • Not Today

S. McNeill/J. Smith • Midnight Wildflowers

Tim Gebard • The Lonesome Trail

Stephen Amos • Seems Like Summer

Stephen Amos • When You Believe It

Stephen Amos • Loose Ends

Stephen Amos • What Are Good Friends For

Mandy Woods • My Companion of the Road

Shalaine Stebner • Dirt-Road Raised

Shalaine Stebner • I Sure Do Miss You

Natalie Jean • The Little Things

K. Caldwell/JC Tubes • Lost and Found

Samuel Comfort • Thinkin' About You

J. Kennedy/J. Kennedy • Start A New Fire

Johan Skoog • -Lonely Man

R. Schnyder/M. "Max" McGee • Kiss My Doublewide

Roxi Copland • I Come From Crazy

Ricki E. Bellos • Thank You Colorado

R. E. Bellos/J. Purtell • Saddest Thing

Bob Davoli • After the Dust Bowl

Bob Davoli • Still Sitting Backstage

Bob Davoli • Miss Peggy Lee Sings the Blues

Scotty Orme • Fix It When It Breaks

Luke Denver • Thrill of the Chase

Luke Denver • -How You Write a Love Song

Luke Denver • If That Ain't Love

Speirosmusic • Harder Than I Thought It Was

Zack Hooper • I Will

Kerrie Fuller • Jack

Jim Aitken • Reach The Sky

Bruce Leckey • Let's Not Be Friends

Samuel Harsin • What The Good Book Says

Martin Dean • I Got a Girl

J. Raider/N. Seddon • Winding Road


++ Nicholas Bridgman • Smooth Landing

+ Sakura Hinata • God Bless You

+ Vincent James De Rasmi • Violaracatu

+ Brinton Clay Upshaw • Alien Proving Grounds

+ Chihiro Nishi • Nighthawks

+ Vicki Logan • The Eighth Fire

+ Michael Roy • Spectral Strain

+ Rolf Schnyder • 2020 Locked

Rolf Schnyder • Night Of The Brave

Sakura Hinata • Resilience

Chihiro Nishi • Get Over It

Chihiro Nishi • Escape

Adam Caruso • Swords and Arrows

Darren Michael Boyd • Spider Jewel

Darren Michael Boyd • Solitary Green Witch

Andrew Levin • In a Void

Andrew Levin • Desolate

Joel Pau • The Galaxies

Vincent James De Rasmi • Acredit

T. Watson/I. Markevich • Reunion

T. Watson/T. Charsky • Quiet

Andrew Levin • Desolate

Katie Hardyman • Molly's Rainbow

J.M. Doriga/M. Herbst • Separate Ways

J. Philip Patton • Call Me By My Name

Kristel Birkholtz • Wildflower

Jim Howard III • Consequential

Jim Howard III • Complimentary

Tony Tersmette • Blue Chalkin'

Tony Tersmette • Sticky Tape

A. Vergara/A. Vedi • Telltale Silence

Don Tocabajo • Scared  

Kota Fukuda • Know You, Knows Me

Kota Fukuda • Waikiki Twilight

Remy Le Boeuf • Union

Richard Carson • Check It

Richard Carson • Holy Roller

Andy Breivik • E Pluribus Anus

Claudia Hirschfeld • Happy Radio

Tanya Taylor • Marching Off To War

Reetroo • Moon Blossom


++ PENNER • I Think I'm Haunted

++ Charles Millikin • All These Things

++ J. Gordon/A. Carmela/J. Corcoran • Blood On My Hands

Jessica Gordon • Grace

Bill Dake • Mostly Blue

Andre de Brito • Queen of Spades

Hunter Somogie • Alive Today

J. Dickinson/A. Gutherz • Fallin.

A. Desbois/J. Hart • Could Have

Jazz Robertson • Collide

Gregory Johnson • Lonely Again

Gregory Johnson • O'Leary's

Izzy K • Beautiful While It Lasted

Girlie Vasallo • What If You Were Perfect

Natalie Theodore • Done For

Natalie Theodore • Fooled

M. Earl/D. Turley • Benny

M. Earl/D. Turley • Not My Fault

Jordan Razowsky • Fallin' Down

Zero Expectations • Mindless Matters

V. Tsai/黃宣銘 S.M.H./Z. A. Pagter/MRTU/J. Ma • Simple Loving


Harmony Redford • Backseat Driver

Kenny Hayes • Tell Me Where You Want Me

D. Opfer/D. Valentine • Breakable

Sylvie Burger • And I Wonder

Enoch Chen • Made Of Glasses

Enoch Chen • Close Our Eyes

Mitchel Young Evans • Lover Don't Like

Charles Millikin • Cold

Makena Tate • Dead End

N. C. Howansky/A. Nomad/D. E. Jefferson • Forever Girl

Madeline Clark • Chicago

Jesse Powers • Beat Of Your Drum

Louis Cate • Rebel Heart

Bill Dake • Mean Dreams

Bill Dake • Polka Dot Blue

Brad Petryczkowycz • Take You Home Tonight

Brad Petryczkowycz • Flipside

Martin Davies • Naked In The Sun

S. Dalton/P. Dalton • Spotlight

S. Dalton/P. Dalton • This Is How I Feel

S. Dalton/P. Dalton • Lonely In LA

Owen Kai • Ferris Wheel

Le'Ridge Stereo & Rebecca • Another Sun

The Century Band • New York Song

Lucas Batten • Psych Major

Gerald Grannan • Spaceman

Charles Millikin • Cheer Up

Kathyjo Varco • Deep End

A. Apolin/S. Odella • Wish You Knew

Harmony Redford • Funhouse Mirror

Harmony Redford • I Want Out

December Fades • Sunrise

Janet Striebel • You Bring

Rohit Batra • Bol

Natalie Jean • I Can't Resist You

N. Jean/L. Piquion • Together We Shine

N. Jean/K. Wakeley • I'm Done

Christos Papadimitriou • Mind the Gap

Nick Paschenda • Powerless

Christopher Robin Sapp • Honest Eyes

Jade Alice/Lucian • Wendy

Jade Alice • Teacup

R. Fortino/J. Fortino • Hold On

James Piper • Numb

Sylvie Burger • Freewoman

Sylvie Burger • Love Is A Lie

Elohim X • Ayer Te Vi

Julia Sakamoto • Stomachache

Hayley Roberts • Little Miss Perfect

Jesse Powers • Alpaca Socks

Jesse Powers • Lover's Lullaby

Hayley James • I'm Watching Over You

Åsa Sandberg • Stop Fighting

Richelle Trube • Fairy Tale Outtakes

Ashton Blaze • Roc

N. C. Howansky/R. Barletta • Push Pull

Preston Hudson II • Speechless

Elizabeth Cuite • Nameless Wonders

F. P. Mariani/R. Kerr • Count To Ten

S. Tinnesz/S. Mosley/L. Cloud • Talk To Me

Kalea Appel • Summer Night

J. Barre/N. Ormandy • Blame It On Us

Brooke Fair • I Can't Breathe

Kiley McDonnel • Teenage Tragedy

Wyte T. Breezy • Women Who Rock

S. Dokowicz/D. Palya • So Long - Bryten

Elena Walter • Wild Tulips

Frank Mattox • Special

Clarissa Diokno • Bad

Ray Texidor • Incidental Stride

Lyla Digrazie • Stuck In The Middle

R. Assez/J. Seymour • Changing

Ben Walker • Chemistry

Bruce Leckey • Tell Myself

PENNER • Close To Overdose

Holger Platzoeder • On Brody Street

Angele Desbois • Does She Know

Melaku Mendell • Inner Plane

N. Paris/J. Franklin/R. Krumrei • Matter

Jason Murray • Dressed And Ready

Paul Kokesh • You & Me

Zero Expectations • Come Back

Michelle Robison • Come Up For Air

Guilherme Arantes • A Desordem dos Templarios

Xiya • House Hoppin'

M. Earl/D. Turley • The Ghost Of Me

Arturo Iturralde • Worse Days

Jazz Robertson • Hurricane

Rhea Deléo • Everything

Miira Valve • One More Time

Gregory Johnson • I'd Rather Be Lonely


++ Julia Sakamoto • Self-Medicate

++ Ashwin Sriram • Sell My Soul

++ H. Ospina/M. Schwarze/J. Townsend • Dust And Bone

++ MaHA Rocks • Don't Open That Door

++ Rain Scott-Catoire • Fuzzy Socks

++ Louis Nevins • The Fallout Crowd

Louis Nevins • Vanity

Mossmunn • Mid-Operation Selfie

J. Sakamoto/A.Rahimov • I Still Hate Myself

J. Russo-Zirkel/J. Espy • Headlights

Rohan Lightfoot • The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

Disappearing Boy • This Life

Jacob Smith • Russian Roulette

A. Marleau/A. D. Roy/J-R. Langlois • Vicious Cycle

Russell Cornwell • Find Your Flame

Russell Cornwell • Here Today

Russell Cornwell • You're My Little Penguin

Android Sheep • The Time Has Come

Rohan Lightfoot • Postcard From Waco (Witness)

Glenn Valles • Karma

Wake Up Paradise • Forget My Name

Brinton Clay Upshaw • Indistinguishable

Rafael de Andrade Moral • Burn

Anthony Prince • LoveSlave

Dawn Sedlacek • Invisible

D. J. Scoggins/S. Harris • Mystery

Wilson Flores • Breakdown

Alien Anomaly • You're The Virus, We're The Cure

Alien Anomaly • Inside Out

Alien Anomaly • OK Boomer

J. Sweeney/C. Proctor/A. Haste • Under the Stairs

J. Sweeney/C. Proctor/A. Haste • Sidestep

Fletcher Sapp • Shadowed

Brinton Clay Upshaw • Best Intentions I

Brinton Clay Upshaw • Best Intentions II

Brinton Clay Upshaw • Heroine

M. Roy/M. Larrabee • Baby You're Bad News

Andy Breivik • Dauntless

Wake Up Paradise • Don't Look Now

Stephen Pate • Kill Your T.V.

Stephen Pate • Swarm

Phillipa Marshall • Like The Crow

Madeline Clark • Rose

Kathryn Ezzy • Please Tell Me

Michael Ceryak • For A Moment

Jeff DeVito • Heart O' Mine

Jeff DeVito • Landmines

Xiya • White Tile

Justin Leo Kennedy • Make The Change

Justin Leo Kennedy • Tired Dog

Hunter Somogie • Secret

David Jeffrey Scoggins • Just Hold On

RanDair Porter • Sara Kandi

Mitchel Young Evans • Burnside Bridge

Masaaki Saji • Nothing Else

Tom Tikka • Heart's On Fire

Jeremy Nelson • Wrong

Russell Cornwell • The Man in the Woods

Larry Oshbour • Lonely Girl Try Find Thy Love

Mossmunn • Gathering Wolves

Mossmunn • Husks

Josh Levinsky • Moonlight Mix

Rich Tyo • Put Me Down

David MacDonald • Peace of Mind

Shu Mookerjee • Next Time


++ Jessica Smucker • Dinosaurs

++ Dalya Guerin • I Wish

++ Kolby Knickerbocker • Over and Over

++ David MacDonald • Can't Let Go

++ David Jeffrey Scoggins • Love Simplifies

++ Derek Spelliscy • In LA

++ K. Hayes/A. Wong • Corkstown Road

++ Elizabeth Cuite • Bookstore

++ James Aries • Bleach

++  C. van Graan/R.Brüssow • Jungu Josh

Constant van Graan • Peaches

Andrea Corsaro • Ghosts Like Me

MaryAnn Partnow • Outta My Sight

Robert Quigley • At Least

Cameron Woodruff • My Time Will Come

Cameron Woodruff • Bashwin McMaster

C. Brando/D. L. Caskey • Fire In My Heart

Danielle Taylor • Extra Ordinary

Will Kern • Gettysburg

Rose Devika • A Hell of a Lot Like You

J. Wilkinson/D. Barrozo • Deep Down

N. Rizzuto/M. Maehre • Castaway

Benjamin Walker • Near To You

Sophia Brazda • Amelia

Alan Fennah • Gone With The Wind

Mikey Hamptons • Guide

T. Bigatel/T. Taylor • Someday In The Light

Sonya Heller • Save Us All

Jim Aitken • The Promise

Marco Perfetti • Bed Of Waves

Ramita Arora Indurkhya • Dancing in the Kitchen

Amanda Driscoll • You Don't Love Anyone But Yourself

Jay Kennedy • Heaven's Paycheck

Sean Murphy • Jocelyn

Lauren Tracy Pienaar • Relics of a Bygone

+ Mandi Kitchen • In My Dreams

James Aries • The Last Time

Josh Levinsky • Don't Wanna Go

Mike Bell • Weekends-Only Son

Stefanie Schultze • Carnival

Phil Mitten • Fragile

Louis Nevins • I Don't Want This

Louis Nevins • Mulberry Street

Kenny Hayes • He

Tanya Taylor • Tough, But Humble

Angela Randion • Fly

Angela Randion • What If

D. Devine/S. Heller • Copenhagen

Brooke Fair • This Song Belongs To You

Gregory Johnson • Passing Through

M. T. Seeholzer/P. J. Muha • Out Of The Blue

Alexandria Paris • Connected At The Heart

Al Hammerman • Everybody Knows

Janne Syväniemi • Summer Nevermore

D. Devine/B. Playle • Siberian State Of Mind

D. Devine/J. Ho • Into The Dunes

Brooke Fair • First Love

Brooke Fair • Suck It Up

Brooke Fair • The Things We Were

Brooke Fair • Forget

Abbie Watson • Underwater

Irmak Altinok • Ghost

Janne Syväniemi • Intoxicatie

Andrew Bycoffe • Absence

Elizabeth Cuite • Dreamscape

Al Hammerman • So Much For Nothing

Al Hammerman • What Else

Al Hammerman • Mr. Moon

Al Hammerman • Keep Keep'n On

David Jeffrey Scoggins • Burning Through The Days

Louis Nevins • Place In My Heart

Louis Nevins • Harry You're Lovely

Louis Nevins • Part-Time Man

Stefanie Schultze • I Can't Sleep

Stefanie Schultze • Cold

D. I. Hardwick/Nekane Music • Elixir of Love

M. T. Seeholzer/P. J. Muha • Without You

M. T. Seeholzer/P. J. Muha • Take You Home

Michael Flynn • Damage

J. Kennedy/J. Kennedy • The Highway

Remy Le Boeuf • The Melancholy Architecture of Storms

Sidney Desouza • Mariana

Isabella Sbarra • Place to Come Home To

Sue Sherback • Perfect Circle

E. Davies/B. Davies • Sweet Salvation

Ken Moldow • Silence Speaks

N. Rizzuto/K. Moore • Hope Is Painting The Sky

Nico Rizzuto • Shooting Star

Will Kern • Betty Pallet

Will Kern • The Truth About Me

Madeline Clark • Rope Burns

Philip Hawkins • White Smoke

Josh Levinsky • Shot For Sure

Katie Chung • Stand By You

Ricky Chen • You and Me

Ricky Chen • Take My Hands

Ant Henson • Rarea Aves

Jonathan Rayner • Havannah Row

R. Assez/J. Seymour • Stranger In My Skin

Bob Davoli • Ode to Eugene O'Neill

Bob Davoli • Frozen Juices

Bob Davoli • Sore Eyes

Bob Davoli • Daddy Had Another Bad Day

Bob Davoli • Don't You Let The Darkness Drag You Down

Bob Davoli • Dust in The Wind

Jeremy Nelson • No Reason to be Sober

Jeanette Lynne • Apathy

Christie McCarthy • Johnny On The Spot

Julia Campopiano • Carnival

Camille Jolie Bessey • Easy

Robert Yamasato • Green Men

S. Lovelle/V. J. Constantino • Yes to Life

Gregory Johnson • Perfect Day

Gregory Johnson • Long May You Run

Gregory Johnson • When A Heart Cries

Gregory Johnson • Heart Of A Summer Day

Ihor Wolosenko • Pilgrim In A Promised Land

J. Irving/R. Sterling • Old Blue Door

Heather Hunt • Save Me Please

Anne Terese House • Nothing Left To Lose

Mossmunn • Gay Bullfighter

Jana Pochop • Solar System

Mick Hills • Take Me on a Journey

Kenny Hayes • Better

H. Quinn/J. Leung • Paper Wings

Danny Rivet • All Alone Tonight

S. Naresh/K. Purushotham • Milky Hands

S. Naresh/K. Purushotham • Shore Out Of Reach

Luke Denver • Somebody's Story

Ken Widis • It's Movin' Day

Jani Niehaus • All These Dreams

M. Valve/J. Hifish • Cold White Water

Simon Templeton • Far From The World

Samm Musick • 18 Days

Stephen Chivers • Thinking Of You

Ian Dencker • Smile

Brinton Clay Upshaw • Into Cold Arms

Brinton Clay Upshaw • Gamut

Glenn Valles • Didn't See It Coming

Curt Joa • I Thought I Saw Me

Vivien Orsolya Soóky • Into Tears

Stephen Amos • Global Warming

James Fletcher • Cutting Edge Of Life

Julie Hess • a&f (Always & Forever)

Susan Odella • For A Better Year

Anna Rudolph • Threads Of Time

Bob Love • Diamond Soul

Louis F. Cate • Slay Me With Your Eyes

Louis F. Cate • Under Every Frozen Heart

E. Moss/C. Robinson • Two Steps Back

Daniel Cook • Anagapesis

Ellie Swisher • Heaven

Rachel Clark • The Devil Inside

Kristel Birkholtz • The Call

Kristel Birkholtz • Simple Love

Sam Sims • Breathe

Christopher Nichols • I Have No Say

Ben Sures • End Of The World

Natalie Theodore • Playlist

Cameron Woodruff • 40 Summers

Rohit S. Batra • Kaabil

Alice BrightSky • No Need to Shout

Alice BrightSky • American Town

Cynthia Brando • Magical Feeling

Cynthia Brando • Will You Haunt Me

Noreen Jenkins • Get Bigger, Bite Back

Laura Lied • Let the Light In

Jennifer Gusack • Goodbye, Tango

Marty Dolciamore • Mediocre

Marco Perfetti • Anarchy In Heaven

James Aries • My Favourite

James Aries • Doctor's Orders

James Aries •  Mr. Diamond

James Aries • The Shadow Kings

Joe Campbell • She Got Wild

Danielle Taylor • Only Us

Michael Ceryak • For A Moment

T. Taylor/T. Bigatel • Grieve Through Our Instruments

James Neilson Graham • Hunky-Dory

Phil Mitten • Trembling

Paul Helou • Dark Eyed Little Bird

Jessica Gordon • Crying For You

M. Kitchen/T. Price • Ghost Town

Andy Jaske • Bottle of Shame

Robert Quigley • The Only Thing

Ray Texidor • Alicia's Song

Jason Murray • Ride On

Melissa Levi • Made of Gold

Heather Bartman • Mi Leyenda

Dorthea Enrique Thomas • Goddess of Earth

Paul Haas • Love And Other Devastations

Jennifer Porter • Show Me Your Love

Jennifer Porter- Bitter New York Night

James Mathews • Open Window

R. Fortino/J. Fortino • How Do I?

Sonya Heller • Rag and Bone

Florestella • Végtelenben

Maddie Ruhoy • The Smoke