NOTE: + = Deserves special recognition

A double-plus (++) means the song was seriously considered as a finalist.

Your name may be mentioned in multiple places; it’s probably easiest just to do a page search for your last name or song title.


++ Samantha Paish • Turn

Sandi Kerr • Did He Ever Ask Why?

+ C. Hendricks/J. Kinsey • I Found Grace

Kate Thompson • Finally

Tanya Taylor • Hallelujah

+ Katherine Hornbostel • Our Blessed Redeemer

D. Stasic/C. Cossetti • Unless

Vivian Gendernalik • Stilettos Gotta Go

Vivian Gendernalik • Too Late Lisa

Vivian Gendernalik • Get It Together Girls

D. B. Rielly • Mio Salmo

C. Hendricks/J. Kinsey • I Found Grace

Larry Craig • The Answer

Jeffrey Scott Leavitt • You Hold All Things Together

Alvin Willis • Couldn't Believe

Alvin Willis • Trials

Alvin Willis • Shine The Light In The Mirror

Daniel E. Vines• Don't Give Up On Jesus

Daniel E. Vines • A Gospel Song

Katherine Hornbostel • Blessed Is The One

Katherine Hornbostel • Home

Vivian Gendernalik • God Ain't Vain

Vivian Gendernalik • Do You Want Me To Lie

Lyia Meta • Slumber

Tanya Taylor • Lazarus

Michael Huseman • I Stand Before You

Carlos Tabora • More Than My Religion

Rosemary Ajoseh • Letter of Hope

Elnar Hanson • When Grace Goes Home

Åsa Sandberg • Hope

J. Preus/F. Steele • Let's Have Peace

G. Bost/D. Bost Trudeau • Warrior Arise

Naomie • Someday

Brian Braun • Don't Know Your Name

Maleia Robinson • His Miracle's for Me

Gregory Johnson • A Breakable Heart

Lorraine Watson • Will He Know It's Me

Lynn Allison • Jesus Holding Mercy

Lynn Allison • What The World Needs

Lynn Allison • Just What To Say

Daniel Fox • Marvelous Exchange

James Fletcher • Make It True

Luke Denver • One Horse Power

Luke Denver • God Loves Me

Larry Craig • Have I Given

Preston Hudson II • Speechless

Darlene Jackson • Jesus Is Alive


++ Glenn Valles • The Secret

++ Luke Denver • Cover For Me

Stephen Amos • God On The Line

I. Gomersall/D. Kalos • Golden Dagger

Bryant Switzky • Dipping Your Toe In The Darkness

Brett Peter Linn • Bring Me Home A Cowboy

Daniel Leathersich • Are You Good

B. Kraavevik/O. Kortz • Make Them Jealous

Christie McCarthy • River Stone

S. Spivey/P. Scholten • I Can, I Am, And I Will

Allen Adams • One Truck On One Side

Thomas Dunne • Dan McCormick

Glenn Valles • Long Gone

Glenn Valles • Looking Up To Heaven

Katie James • Worst Heartbreak

Facebagel • Honeybee

Bryant Switzky • Keep On Grinding On

Bryant Switzky • You Taught Me A Lesson

S. Spivey/B. Morrison • Should I Let Him In My Heart

S. Spivey/F. Bellini • I Really Mean What He Said

Luke Denver • Two Lane in the Sunshine

Vincent Cross • In The Eyes Of My Father

Sarah Rose Shawcross • How To Love a Girl

Jim Crissman • Never Met A Woman Like Me

Jim Crissman • Stompin'

David Kuncicky • Narrowest Of Margins

David Kuncicky • New Girl In Town

Gary Mathene • Solo Dos Gatos

Christy Sasser • Little One

Michael Joe Holder • Almost Heaven

Doug Templeton • In My Truck

Andrew Wolf • Vagabond Wind

Sarah Hardwig • Lacy On My Lips

Stephen Amos • Until It Does

Stephen Amos • Falling Up

Stephen Amos • Short Story

Stephen Amos • Workin' Up My Courage

Lynne Swaney • Remember You

Frank Markert • Kelpie Co-Pilot

Beau Morgan • Frames

K. Holdaway/M. Holdaway • 90s Country

Doug King • Empty Bedrooms

T. Dunne/J. Whittaker • Come Next Sunday

Justin Turk • There's No Use In Complaining

M. McGee/S. E. Miller • I Will Leave A Light On In My Heart For You

M. McGee/A. Pontier • Lover's Rodeo

Brian J. Kalinec • Next Door Stranger

Spencer W. Kelly • When She Was Everything

Eric Phelps • This River

Craig Hendricks • I Want My Honky Tonk Back

Kathryn Turdak • Brown Land

Keith Smith Shannon • Good Time

K. Daniels/D. Ward/J. Shawde • Restless

Kelli Caldwell • Honor Their Memory


++ Chihiro Nishi • The Day I Saw An Airship

++ Robert Butterfield • RoadHouse JazzBand

++ L. Watson/L. Baker/B. Hansen • Dance Of The Warlocks

++ Malte Vief • Kreis

+ Erica • An Ephemeral Dream

+ Mark Reilly • Shell Babies

+ Mark Reilly • A Tricky Inversion

+ Sakura Hinata • Peak Experience

+ Darren Michael Boyd • Broken Glass and Disappointment

+ Melody Dornfeld • Brought Near

+ Remerge Band • Morning Lily

+ L. Watson/L. Baker/B. Hansen • Haunted Halloween

+ L. Watson/L. Baker/B. Hansen • I Like Halloween

+ L. Watson/B. Hansen • Reflections

+ L. Watson/B. Hansen • Rainbows Roses & Butterflies

+ Mark Iagulli • Flutiano

+ Malte Vief • Reset

Brinton Clay Upshaw • Wolves

Dianna Arthur • Cycle of War

Chihiro Nishi • Middle of Nowhere

Darren Michael Boyd • Proof Of Monsters

Bill Dake • New Dog - Old Tricks

L. Watson/L. Baker/B. Hansen • Nightwind Lullaby Reprise

L. Watson/L. Baker/B. Hansen • Window Of My Heart

L. Watson/L. Baker/B. Hansen • Potion Motion

L. Watson/L. Baker/B. Hansen • Metal Mummy

L. Watson/L. Baker/B. Hansen • Dancing Ghosts

L. Watson/L. Baker/B. Hansen • Skeleton Time

L. Watson/L. Baker/B. Hansen • Christmas Faire

L. Watson/B. Hansen • Clowning Around

Thomas Kaye • Any Given Sunday

Matt Herbst • From Adversity, Strength

Guilherme Arantes • Ballet

James Frame • Tilting Dragonflies

Giorgi Kvaliashvili • The Last Sky

Sakura Hinata • From Love to Love

Andrew Wolf • Serenity

T. Watson/A. Tikhanovska/T. Kravchenko • Lullaby

Tim Gebard • J-Bo's Luck

Tom Watson • Blossom

T. Watson/I. Markevich • Fairy

Kristel Birkholtz • Still The Rain

Cindy Horstman • Guzheng Lullaby

Mark Reilly • Faraway Home

Mark Reilly • All The Way Home

Mark Reilly • Grief's Coronation

Mark Reilly • Waltz for Louise

Jason Cosio Jr. • Late Afternoon Sun

Melody Stuart Hipsman • Yankee Lake

Melody Dornfeld • Hollow

Christopher Ryan Poissant • Foot Stomp Casserole


++ Ava Della Pietra • Power of You

++ Ava Della Pietra • I've Been Thinking

++ Mercedes Campana • Wicked

++ Britta Kraakevik • Gone

++ Stefanie Tom • Thunder

++ Clarissa Diokno • Haunted

++ Atomic Blonde • You Became God

++ Daniel Nissenbaum • Light of My Life

++ Bastian Hohnke • Astronaut

+ M. Mironen/R. Reed • Under The Hood

+ Natalie Theodore • Dead End Street

+ Claudia Hirschfeld • Eres España (cuando no hay más)

+ Hillary Zhuner • Mountain-Top

+ Jonathon Mount • Not Afraid of a Broken Heart

+ Marisa Nikole • Dangerous

+ Marisa Nikole • I'm Not Broken Anymore

+ RanDair Porter • Bring Him Home

+ S. Tom/T. Fang • Make A Woman Mad

+ Ava Della Pietra • Long Way Home

+ Jecca Fitz • Concrete

+ KeKe Dreams • Million

+ Martin Davies • Naked In The Sun

+ Amanda Fagan • Monsters

+ E. Margolies/S. Sieck/D. Rush • Christmas Time in Love

+ Jasmin Ruth Weickert • Halt die Zeit an

+ Peter Bradford • King of Charleston

+ Nick Nicolas • Red Cape

+ Sophia Golding • Like The Rain

+ A. Pamela/M. Kim-Sheng • All In My Head

+ Jandry Palms • Everything You Wanted

+ Jordan Bell • High Noon

+ Eleanor Hammond • Anyone at All

Vivian Cooney • Wish You'd Just Love Me

Vivian Cooney • Take Me Home

Hillary Zhuner • Loopy Feelings

H. Zhuner/D. Valencia • Se-Acabó

Sophia Golding • Fall Back Girl

Sophia Golding • Relapse

Philip Hawkins • Wilffie White Legs

Bill Dake • I Really Love Your Mind

Ava Della Pietra • Home

Ava Della Pietra • My Boyfriend

Stefanie Tom • The Promise

M. Earl/D. Turley • Hurts to Love

M. Earl/D. Turley • Unlearn

Daniela Galasso • Yesterday's Story

Daniela Galasso • Comfortable

Clayton L. Stephens • Missing You

Clayton L. Stephens • A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Kate Thompson • Up Yours

Kate Thompson • Get Away From It All

Janne Syväniemi • As Long As Stars Entice

Harmony Redford • Fade

Jordan Bell • Poker Face

Tanya Taylor • The Hourglass

Marji Mozart • Super Hero

Jonathon Mount • Boss

T. Tikka/E. Suominen • With Eyes Closed

Frankie Gray • Stranger

Kathyjo Varco • Not The One

Emina Dedic • Under Andingmen Bridge

Mossmunn • Duck And Cover

Jay UUuJireh Bey • Go Get It

Tyrone Jones • Sunrise

Clarissa Diokno • Wake Up Call

Nicole Bouffard • ORBIT3R

Ozzy Osman • Another Broken Heart

ML Moseley • El Dorado

Aubrie Elise • Sacrifice

Maya Mikity • Nothing Left

Paul Gaughan • Wasting My Time

Juerg Weibel • The Lonely Heart

Eva Margolies • Thunder

Christopher Rya Poissant • A Little Bigger

Julian Cassia • Crazy Like That

Patty Duffey • There

Jennifer M. Alvarado • Curious

Elina Levin • Sinners' Masquerade

_Blue_(Xinge Pu)/_lotle (Yixuan He)/Flazire (Yesheng Liu)/MintOcean (Ruohan Xu) • Miss U in Winter

Sebastien Skubala • Worse Off

Gabrielle Yaira • Pressure


++ Penelope Ison • Not a Believer

++ Derek Vaden • Near The Fire

+ Nolan Goldfain • Nolan Knows

+ Anne Terese House • Wake Up

+ A. Marshia/L. Morse/A. Marcotte/JD Miller/Z. Mawhinney • So Close

+ Matt Michaelis • Knockin'

+ James Piper • Second Chance

+ James Piper • Unstoppable

+ L. Iosca/A. Sasso • Mr. Crazy

+ R. Romero/N. Romero/P. Hawkes • He's A Wheeze

+ Louis Nevins • Don't You Say It

+ Shu Mookerjee • Is It Cold In There?

+ John Greska • Bacteria

+ Clayton L. Stephens • The Ballad of J and J

+ Mossmunn • Rattling Bones

Louis Nevins • The Waves

James Mathews • Livin' In A Sci Fi Movie

D. Sheppard/K. Sheppard • She's Sowing Time

Derek Vaden • Eating My Words

Derek Vaden • Electric Angel

Derek Vaden • Novel America

Mossmunn • New Build On Hope Street

Carsten Krause • The Days of the Future Headsnapper

Ken Widis • Over You

Allen Adams • Elected Girl

James May • Scars

Katy Tunbridge • Life's Not Fair

Clayton L. Stephens • Shadow Girl

Tom Watson • Innocent Face

Hector Rivas • White Girlz

RanDair Porter • Don't Remember What Was Her Name

RanDair Porter • Time in a Tunnel

Shu Mookerjee • Some Nerve

Shu Mookerjee • Turn It Off!

R. Young/J. Williams • A Long Time Gone

Dave Kephart • Christmas In Whoville

Dave Kephart • She Likes To Ride

A. Melville/M. H. Samuel/R. Livingstone • Song For Sarah

Janne Syväniemi • I Let Mosquitoes Suck My Blood

Jeremy Nelson • Slip

Jessica Kion • Unrelenting

Keegan MacDonald • Waste My Time

Michael Mironen • Weaving The Fire

David Jeffrey Scoggins • Where I Started From

David Jeffrey Scoggins • She Was She Was

Melody Stuart Hipsman • Leaving Zombie Land

Darlene Jackson • I Will Make Everything All Right


++ Andrea Michelle • Two Birds One Stone

++ Ava Della Pietra • Christmas Tonight

++ Bill Dake • Maybe It's Love

++ Modern Andy • Yours Truly

++ Aryn Michelle • Pilot Light

++ Bob Davoli • Transistor Radio and Me

++ Constant van Graan • Irony

++ Ricki E. Bellos • Follow This Road

++ Monique Roberts • Fire

Maddy Clark • Halfway Gone

Jasmin O'Davidson • Nothing Stays The Same

R. E. Bellos/J. Purtell • Presence of Your Absence

Jim Purtell • The Way It Used To Be

Barbara Kovalevich • Cozy

Tina Ross • While I'm Here

Bryant Switzky • She's Waiting It Out

Willy Barclay • Smile With Your Eyes

Kevin Liebkemann • Scrapbook

Spencer LaJoye • Plowshare Prayer

Barney McCullagh • Belladonna Eyes

Valeriia Vovk • Wolves

Yining Zhang • Photo #16

Jeffrey Scott Leavitt • Why Not Me?

Phil Mitten • Lost

Justin Turk • My Oh My

Justin Turk • Passion

Stephen Mahar • Spaceship

Andrew Jaske • Redemption

Cha Hou Yean • Coming Through

Ash McDaniel •The Last Time

Rachel Tulane • Roller Skates

K. Daniels/J. Goodman • The Belle In Bedroom Slippers

Laia Escartin • Asteroid In The Void

Kolby Knickerbocker • The Wedding Song

Peter Bradford • Continental Dragon (Rolling Along)

Adam Steinberg • Worlds Gone By

Kelsi Towle • Believe Me

Monique Roberts • Favorites

Monique Roberts • Crazy Hate

Daniel Fox • When We Get Together

Daniel Fox • Belong To You

Sara Trunzo • Food and Medicine

Nick Paschenda • All Your Love

Louis Nevins • Christmas On The Moon

Jessica Gordon • A Lover Could

Daniel Leathersich • Odd Shapes

Daniel Roholt • An Ordinary Thing

Rachel Burns • Pollyanna's Lament

Brian J. Kalinec • Redwood Fence

Jessica Kion • Like Mars

Taylor Bradshaw • The Man I'd Rather Be

C. van Graan/H. Ludik • Incomplete

Bill Dake • Huntin' In The Dark

Tina Ross • Artemisia

C. van Graan/H. Ludik • Heartbreak Motel

Andrea Michelle • Secrets

David MacDonald • Can't Let Go

kileypet • Brighter Days

Bill Dake • Mostly Blue

Mandy Woods • My Second-Hand Heart

Natalie Theodore • Dependent

Bob Love • Diamond Soul

Bob Davoli • Blank Pages

Bob Davoli • Fallen King of the Cool

Bob Davoli • Miss Peggy Lee Sings the Blues

Bob Davoli • Sore Eyes

Bob Davoli • Dust in The Wind

Bob Davoli • Daddy Had Another Bad Day

Bob Davoli • Ode to Eugene O'Neill

Bob Davoli • Frozen Juices

Bob Davoli • Rear Window Waltz

Bob Davoli • Still Sitting Backstage

Bob Davoli • After the Dust Bowl

Bob Davoli • Beautiful Mess

Bob Davoli • Let Me Down Slow

Bob Davoli • Don't You Let The Darkness Drag You Down

Brian J. Kalinec • I'd Never Expect It

Ellerieh Lin • The Puppy Song

Ilana Kovalle • Cerulean Sky

Daniel Fox • Virginia, I'm Waiting

D. Fox/J. Muccitelli • Starry-Eyed Girl

J. Wilkinson/D. Barrozo • Give Up The Ghost

Sam Yannarelli • At Least You Were Kind

Robert Gangbo • Great Day

Clayton Musick • What's In A Name

Robert Alexander Quigley • The Place That We Know

Guilherme Arantes • Berceuse

Guilherme Arantes • Primaveras e Veroes

A. Shaver/F. Vossler • Black Magic

Sheila Veerkamp • Beauty And Grace

Marji Mozart • Is Somebody out There

Robert John Redline • Honey Dew

Vivian Cooney • Autumn By Then

Kathryn Turdak • Feel Alive

Hayden Greyson • Satellite Man

Martin Lawrence Scott • One Little Step

Paul Haas • This One Last Lullaby

Eric Blossman • Picture On Your Wall

A. House/J. Biancalana • Right As Rain

Tyler Sanford • A Song That No One Will Listen To

Christopher Ryan Poissant • As I Walk

Brett Peter Linn • Nothin' An Old Rag Won't Fix

John Greska • Gravity (At The End Of The Rainbow)

Tracy Okamoto • The Rest of Us

Sue Sherback • Perfect Circle

Kate MacColl • You Will Wait

Robert Shaw • Forever

Modern Andy • Hold Me Down

Modern Andy/C. Ristau • Hazel Eyes

A. Russo/R. Moresca • A Day Late

Mercedes Campana • Ella

Eleonora Kouneni • Effortlessly

Clayton L. Stephens • The War I Can't Win

Lizzy Hilliard • Can't Listen To That Song Anymore

James Mathews • Freedom Bird

James Mathews • Heart of Eden

Rose Thomson • Ocean Song

Tom Dolgenos • Corner of the Room

Kierra Gray • All The Simple Things

Stefanie Schultze • The Twisting Of My Mouth

Matthew Herbst • Always In My Heart

Allan Corby • Razzle Dazzle

Dawn Schumilas • A River of Tears

Glenn Valles • A Troubled Mind

Isaac Maldonado • Sinfonia celestial

Wayne Sharkey • The Auld Fella

Andrew Wolf • "Could Be"

Ingrid Avison • Time Traveling Cowboy

Dale Sumner • Everything Breaks My Heart

Mocky Loves Chuckles • Poets of Feelings

Russell Kane • Nana Rose

The Mood Kings • Patches of Blue

J. Vargas/D. Vargas • Hummingbird of Springtime

Angela Randion • Holes

Kolby Knickerbocker • Promise

B. Watson/M. Thomas • Waiting

Christie McCarthy • Fold

Christie McCarthy • Big Umbrella

Ash McDaniel • We Were Free

Ian Pedersen • Too Far Gone

M. Earl/D. Turley • Wait

Andrew Jaske • Hot Summer Days

Keith Monacchio • Pick 'Em Up, Put 'Em Down

Nancy Rudolph • Looking For a Different Man

Robert Reris • The Dancer

Denise Dimin • Always You

Kristel Birkholtz • Bare

Daniel T. O'Brien • Heaven's Sweet Shore

Brian Braun • Idiom

Tina Ross • Summers Like These

Van Robertson • Without

Taylor Bradshaw • Unkind

Massimiliano Spada • Movin' On

Clifford Singer • Love Doesn't Look Like Love

Justin Turk • There's No Reason To Complain

Jessica Kion • Read the Room

Ava Della Pietra • Christmas Tonight

Janne Syväniemi • The Colors Of Nature

Gregory Johnson • Baby Let's Leave

Gregory Johnson • Song On A Record

Gregory Johnson • Here Comes Autumn

Gregory Johnson • Never Letting Go Of The Dream

Cynthia Brando • We Can Be Eternity

Cynthia Brando • Childhood Friends

Ricki E. Bellos • Earth and Her One-Eyed Moon

Sara Trunzo • Wishbone

Eric Phelps • Good Directions

John Files • It's All Because of Love

Louis Nevins • How Did I Get Back Here

Louis Nevins • Monday Never Comes

Michael Sion • Nikita

J. Gordon/A. C. Young/J. Corcoran • Grow The Garden

David Kuncicky • Almost Getting By

Katie Chung • The Journey