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(Grand Award winners in bold)

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CHRISTIAN: Michael Rowefor "Everyday Ain't A Holiday" (Texas, USA)

COUNTRY: Barbara Wilkinson & Sonya Wood for "Liar's Moon" (Tennessee, USA)

INSTRUMENTAL: Karl Marrett for "Options" (New York, USA)

POP: Jessica Gordon for "Geode" (Califormia, USA)

HARD ROCK/ALT-ROCK: Major Moment for "May Leave Scars" (Massachusetts, USA)

SOFT ROCK/ALT-FOLK: Pamela Machala for "Bleeding Me Dry" (Colorado, USA)



CHRISTIAN: Russ Parrish/John Ericson/Justin Boyd for "Glow" (Minnesota, USA)

COUNTRY: Stephen Amos for "Better Since You Left" (Kansas, USA)

INSTRUMENTAL: Enrique Ponce for "Airship Duel" (Texas, USA)

POP: Michael "Max" McGee, Hannah Richardson & Angel Pontier for "Going Under" (Pennsylvania, USA)

HARD ROCK/ALT-ROCK: Mark Reilly for "u r a freak like me" (Poole, UK)

SOFT ROCK/ALT-FOLK: Simon Finn for "Sing Me Your Blues" (Stockton-on-Tees, UK)



CHRISTIAN: David Pellegrini, for "Lay My Burdens Down" (Maryland, USA)

COUNTRY: James Hoppe & Elle Mears for "Sip It Off My Lips" (California, USA)

INSTRUMENTAL: Hal Dickens and Paul Cassidy for "Leaving For War" (Illinois, USA)

POP: Will Shehan for "Worry" (South Carolina, USA)

HARD ROCK/ALT-ROCK: Lynn Carey Saylor for "Tidal Wave" (California, USA)

SOFT ROCK/ALT-FOLK: Simon Finn for "Rewind" (Stockton-on-Tees, UK)



CHRISTIAN: Mike Hyden for "What You Make Of Me" (Nebraska, USA)

COUNTRY: Steve Shehane for "Amsterdam" (Georgia, USA)

INSTRUMENTAL: Billy Playle & Donna Devine for "Hush The Night" (The Netherlands)

POP: Charlie Millikin, Bill Millikin & Miriam Millikin for "Change Me" (Ohio, USA)

HARD ROCK/ALT-ROCK: Brian Bell, Luther Russell & Debra Gussin for “Break Me Open” (California, USA)

SOFT ROCK/ALT-FOLK: Joseph Cirello for "Better Rain” (New York, USA)



CHRISTIAN: Zach Banes for "Son of Man" (Arkansas, USA)

COUNTRY: Jeremy Burchard, Jennica Scott & Jo-Leah Tilbury for "Rub A Little Dirt On It" (Texas, USA)

INSTRUMENTAL: Billy Playle & Donna Devine for "Run, Habibti, Now Run" (Holland, The Netherlands)

POP: Juliette Reilly for "Hero" (New Jersey, USA)

HARD ROCK/ALT ROCK: Chloe Pandora Tingey & Dennis D'Angelo for “Wild” (Herts, United Kingdom)

SOFT ROCK/ALT-FOLK: Jean Synodinos for "Picture” (Texas, USA)



CHRISTIAN: Daisy Chute for "Give Thanks" (Midlothian, United Kingdom)

COUNTRY: Jason Afable, Randy Davis & Paul Stephens for "USA Today" (Tennessee, USA)

INSTRUMENTAL: Malte Vief for "Bambule" (Sachsen, Germany)

POP: Debra Gussin, Ryan Martinez & Mike Westbrock for "U So Mean Nothing 2 Me" (California, USA)

HARD ROCK/ALT ROCK: Hudson Henry for “Addicted” (California, USA)

SOFT ROCK: Adam Stern for "We Belong (Together)” (California, USA)



CHRISTIAN: Justin Froese/Nancy Montgomery for “Finally Here” (Washington, USA)

COUNTRY: James Hoppe for “Before Your Karma Catches You” (California, USA)

INSTRUMENTAL: Jacek Marcinkowski for “Untitled” (Berlin, Germany)

POP: Julian Cassia/Andres Quintero for “Butterfly” (New York, USA)

HARD ROCK/ALT ROCK: Eric Bettencourt for “Two Wine Glasses” (Maine, USA)

SOFT ROCK: Carson Henley/Allen Stone for “Go Under” (Washington, USA)



CHRISTIAN: Debra Gussin/RikHoward for “Is That You?” (California, US)

COUNTRY: Jamie Nattier/Bob Bishop for “Love Grows Wild Out Here” (Illinois, US)

INSTRUMENTAL: Chee Yih Lee for “Memories of Life” (Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia)

POP: Justina Shandler for “If You Ever Miss Me” (Virginia, US)

ROCK/ALT: Nick Roy for “Great Ole Tree” (California, US)

SOFT ROCK: Debra Gussin/Stacy Hogan for "Do U Miss The Heat?" (California/Tennessee, US)



CHRISTIAN: Jen Rose for “Amazed” (Florida, US)

COUNTRY: Stephen Amos for “When You Say Jump” (Kansas, US)

INSTRUMENTAL: Vincent Pace/Alexander J. Keller for “Stormfront” (Bossley Park, Australia)

POP: Nicole Eitner for “Witness of Your Life” (Lisbon, Portugal)

ROCK/ALT: Z-FLO for “Maybe” (Mississippi, US)

SOFT/ROCK: Robert Gillies for “Here With Me” (Stirling, Scotland)



CHRISTIAN: Lorna Flowers/Lynn Wilbanks/Kevin Stokes for “We Will Honor You” (Tennessee, USA)

COUNTRY: Carl Evenson for “This Is Goodbye” (Georgia, USA)

INSTRUMENTAL: Morri Hartgraves for “Night Quarry” (Texas, US)

POP: Ryan Martinez for “You Didn't Break Me” (California, USA)

ROCK/ALT: Emmerson, Emmerson & Hogan for “What I Thought” (Michigan, USA)

SOFT ROCK: Eleanor Baker and Rita Bratovich for “Helplessly Drawn To You” (Dulwich Hill, Australia)



CHRISTIAN: Nick Cardilino/David C. Smith for “Christ Reigns” (Ohio/Indiana, USA)

COUNTRY: Debra Gussin/Rik Howard for “Is That You” (California, USA)

INSTRUMENTAL: Tom Carleno for “Child's Play” (Colorado, US)

POP: Beth Walker/Richard Howland for “What A Kiss Means” (New Jersey, USA)

ROCK/ALT: Eleanor Kleiner/Elie Brangbour for “Go Call The Captain” (New York, USA)

SOFT ROCK: Robert Gillies for “Saturday in June” (Stirling, Scotland)



ALTERNATIVE: Greg Walton for “Tune of Ignorance” (Tennessee, USA)

CHRISTIAN: James Laing for “Spin” (California, USA)

COUNTRY: Beth Walker/Bob DeWald for “Grow Slow” (New Jersey, USA)

INSTRUMENTAL: Ricky Drake for “A Spicy Latina Met James Taylor” (Montana, US)

POP: Anthony Snape/Lindsay Rimes for “Little Piece of Love” (Tennessee, USA/Sydney, Australia)

ROCK: Anthony Snape/Lindsay Rimes for “Disappearing Day” (Tennessee, USA/Sydney, Australia)

SINGER/SONGWRITER: Anthony Snape for “Stronger” (Tennessee, USA)



ALTERNATIVE: Sophia Bass / Paul Buono for “Believe” (Virginia, USA)

CHRISTIAN: Sean Clive / David C. Smith for “The Everlasting” (New York, USA)

COUNTRY: Stephen Amos / Tina Dod for “It’s A God Thing” (Kansas, USA)

INSTRUMENTAL: Cindy Horstman / Michael Medina for “Rio” (Texas, US)

POP: Sheri Miller for “The Blade” (New York, USA)

ROCK: Erinn Sherlock / Clive Young for “Collide” (Tennessee, USA - Sydney, Australia

SINGER/SONGWRITER : Erinn Sherlock / Anthony Igizzi for “Return To You”
(Tennessee, USA - Sydney, Australia)



BLUES : Skip Wilson for “Blues Lady” (Colorado, US)

CHRISTIAN : Sean Clive/David C. Smith for “Amazed” (New York, US)

COUNTRY: Diana Kelley for “Flyin’ Home” (Tennessee, US)

INSTRUMENTAL: Ricky Drake for “Tonight” (Montana, US)

POP: Cindy Horstman/Michael Medina for “This Life” (Texas, US)

R&B: Dumisani for “Can I Get With U” (California, US)

ROCK: Vince Aubin for “Always” (Nanoose Bay, British Columbia)

SINGER/SONGWRITER: Michael Ingvarson/David Brooks for “Found” (Melbourne, Australia)






Hard Rock/Alt-Rock

Soft Rock/Alt-Folk


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